s8.1.2000 switzerland

"The Largest Super-8 Festival in World History"

Saturday 8 Jan 00

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Started by the Zurich Super-8-Syndikat BILDSTRICH and the Hamburg based super-8 group ALL NIZO, 8 January 2000 was declared an "International Super-8 Action Day". A transnational network of super-8 devotees in over 40 cities organized to simultaneously screen super-8 films around the planet so as to demonstrate super-8's relevance and vitality in the new millennium. Worldwide events were linked through film-exchange, webcastings and other cross-promotional tools. Many organizers even took the time to make fake "live-event" interviews with super-8 film and distributed them to various screenings in other cities. These films were then screened during the festivals as if they were "real" to the bemusement of the audience.

The project's goal was to link together the global wealth of super-8 talent and energy into a single international event; thereby providing extra fun and momentum for all, while likewise destroying the ludicrous notion that super-8 filmmaking is "dead". Below follows an incomplete list of participating cities:

  • Switzerland -Zurich, Basel and Mannedorf
  • Germany -Berlin, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Freiburg and Munich
  • Italy - Bozen
  • The Netherlands -Amsterdam and Rotterdam
  • Denmark -Kopenhagen
  • Portugal -Lisbon
  • Great Britain -London
  • New Zealand -Auckland
  • USA -Seattle WA, Portland OR, Raleigh NC, Spring City PA, Buffalo NY and Los Angeles CA

This was an inclusive event that sought to enlist as many filmmakers and screening venues as possible.

For info direct from the source, check out the Swiss S8.1.2000 site.

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