ERS8 Background

The Emerald Reels Super-8 Lounge grew out of the Visual Q Lounge series at Seattle's Alibi Room. The Super-8 Lounge filled a need in Seattle's growing film/video community by screening actual super-8 film prints - not just videos. Since many of these films were submitted without sound tracks it became necessary to play tapes, records and CD's to provide background accompaniment. Out of this combination, accidentially grew the idea and the need to collaborate with skilled and creative DJ's.

From April to June 1998, the Visual Q Lounge ran ten screenings culminating with two shows as part of the second (unofficial) Satellites Festival, an alternative film festival running concurrently with the Seattle International Film Festival. The final show, which included student films from Seattle's Media School and Sky Cries Mary drummer Ben Ireland, proved to be the most successful of the series.

From these shows, the groundwork was laid for the success of the Emerald Reels Super-8 Lounge, which debut in early Fall 1998. Word had spread and submissions from beyond Seattle arrived from San Francisco, Portland, North Carolina and Denver. Meanwhile the connection was made with local Seattlites DJ eeg and DJ 00#/ thus blending the presentation of cinema with that of night club djing. With the addition of Ted Grudowski and his new media photo projections, a seamlessly professional program was assembled.