Ben Ireland

Ben was born in Chicago Ill and grew up in Seattle WA. In addition to his filmmaking, Ben has been the drummer with cosmic rockers Sky Cries Mary for the last 9 years.

"I make films about my obsessions and passions. They are diaries of space and time through which I attempt to externalize my rich inner world. My films are impressionistic and symbolic in nature. Being involved with Emerald Reels has put me in touch with like-minded artists. I have made new friends that inspire me and help me to grow as an artist. My goal as an artist is to explore and discover my true identity."



Title Year City
Apocrypha 1985 New York City
Dream #4 1998 Seattle
Seasons of Persephone 1998 Seattle
The Revelation
of St. John the Divine
1998 Las Vegas
Seance 1998 Las Vegas
In Search of Lemuria 1998 Hawaii
Wedding 1998 Seattle
Baghdad 1999 Seattle
Ode to Artifice 1999 Seattle
Blue Butterfly 1999


The Scene Behind the Scene
1999 San Francisco
Tura 1999 Seattle

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