Big as Life - an American History of 8mm films
Through May 2000

Organized by Steve Anker and Jytte Jenson through the New York Museum of Modern Art and the San Francisco Cinematheque, this multi-year project presents a comprehensive retrospective of small gauge super and standard 8mm cinema from its inception up into the present. The program is accompanied by a 120-page catalogue, edited by Albert Kilchesty, that includes original essays on the importance of small gauge 8mm film in the history of cinema.

Previously ignored by cinema authority, 8mm film has suddenly been elevated to the highest reaches of critical attention through this project. Weekly thursday night screenings will resume at the NY MoMA in September and continue through May 2000. On the Westcoast, screenings take place at the SF Cinematheque (info - 415.558.8129).

Big as Life is NOT an Emerald Reels event but is included here due to its overwhelming significance to small gauge filmmaking.