Emerald Reels is an organization committed to serving and promoting artists dedicated to producing and performing vibrant works of motion-imaging visual art. The relationship between the individual artist and the group is fluid, dynamic and non-exclusive. Thus individuals are able to benefit from the strength of the organization without being bound to any rigid demands or structures.

Put another way: individually an artist tends to cast only his/her own shadow. But as a group, a number of artists can construct a gargantuan impression simply standing together in the right places.

So Emerald Reels is a community in the sense that it includes different individuals who share a common interest in filmmaking and provides for an exchange of that interest through screenings, compilation videos and web-castings.

Three-pronged advance:
Emerald Reels is focused on developing itself through three main areas:

1.) Super-8 Lounge Screenings (ERS8) - Our own unique blend of filmscreening with djing and the starting point of the whole organization. Along with Seattle screenings we plan to travel ERS8 to Vancouver BC, Portland and back to San Francisco again in the coming year.

2.) Webcastings and Video Compilations - Using the international access of the internet, we provide worldwide exposure for undependent filmmakers and their films through this website. In addition, we compile super-8 films into group videos that are available to be screened anywhere in the world.

3.) Cooperation and Participation in Larger Events - Developing coalitions and partnerships through involvement in larger festivals, screenings and other multi-media performances and organizations.

Why We Support Super-8mm filmmaking:
Our purpose in supporting super-8 filmmaking is not one of preserving antiquity. It is that of supporting creative filmmakers unburdened by the horrors of fundraising. Since super-8 is by far the least expensive medium of filmmaking and even rivals video on a final-cost basis, the super-8 filmmaker's task lies in making the film - not explaining it for money. Furthermore since super-8 is not considered a "professional" filmmaking option, the entire realm of moviemaking possibility is at once open since the super-8 filmmaker is not burdened by the albatross of commercial appeal.

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