"Experimenting's not just for Chemistry Labs"

The art of motion pictures is hardly a hundred years old, and yet there's been talk of "classics" for at least the last 50 years. Emerald Reels, on the other hand, supports and encourages filmmakers who are concerned with the incredible potential of what's yet to be done.

Since 1998, Emerald Reels has screened the work of over 100 different filmmakers at our Super-8 Lounge screenings. Some of the more notable, even notorious, of these filmmakers are listed to the left. To find out more about a filmmaker, click on his/her name to the left.

If you've specific questions for a filmmaker, please use the contact info under each name and approach him/her directly. Ain't nobody "rep-ing" nobody around here, but the webmaster will be happy to provide additional information for any artist if you have further questions.

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