Super-8 Technical Information


The 8mm Film Metadirectory is one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date 8mm sites on the web.

ijm INCORPORATED - specializes in Beaulieu and Elmo Super-8 equipment repair, services and sales. 818-365-0385 P.O. Box 3413 Granada Hills, CA 91394

UT Photo repairs Cannon and other Super-8 cameras. Good results. 4121 W. Vanowen Place, Burbank CA 91515-1131 | Phone: 323.245.6631

"The Super 8 Circuit" nice article on the scene of super-8 back in 2000 by Michael Fox of

Small Movies is the most in-depth camera resource and "how to" super-8 site on the web.

Forde Motion Picture Labs - processes super-8 and 16mm film. 306 Fairview Ave. N., Seattle WA 98109, 206.682.2510 or 800.682.2510.

Dwayne's Photo - A great lab in the U.S. that process Kodachrome film. PO Box 274 / 415 S. 32nd St., Parsons, KS 67357, 800.522.3940.

Pro Image - offers affordable super-8 film to video transfers. 1305 Dexter Avenue North, Seattle WA 98109, 206.284.5000

Flying Spot Film Transfer - offers top-quality super-8 to HD telecine: the fancy way to convert film to video (of course they also do 16 & 35mm). | 1008 Western Ave., Suite 201, Seattle WA 98104 | 206.464.0744

Film & Video Services - Super-8 and 16mm film, makes video transfers, 16mm B&W rev. workprints, and Super-8 color prints. 2620 Central Avenue N.E., Minneapolis, MN 55418, 612 789 8622

B & T's Little Film Notebook is a marvelous publication available by usmail at: The International Center for 8mm Film, C/o Brodsky & Treadway, PO Box 335, Rowley MA 01969-0735.

Super8 Reversal Lab Netherlands p.o. box 61604,2506 AP,The Hague,Netherlands

Super-8 Newsgroup for the discussion of small-gauge filmmaking: alt.movies.cinematography.super8

Undependent Screenings and Organizations


Albuquerque, NM
Basement Films is a mobile, makeshift, volunteer-run venue for experimental, independent and other under-represented forms of film and (occasionally) video making.

Durham, NC & Hollywood, CA
Flicker has been screening super-8 and 16mm films since 1992. To receive a copy of the Flicker zine write to Flicker, 4000 Forestdale Dr., Durham NC 27712.

Washington, DC
The Washington Psychotronic Film Society is dedicated to the defense and appreciation of off-beat, independent, low budget and genre cinema.

San Diego, CA
The Super Super-8 Festival, organized by Melinda Stone and the Polyester Prince, is one of the most popular and successful super-8 shows on the planet. Super Super-8 2001, 15 Mann St., Irvine CA 92612.

Melbourne, Australia
The Melbourne Super-8 Film Group holds monthly open screenings on the second Tuesday of every month. In addition, they provide free advice on film stocks, printing, cameras, repairs and film-to-video transfers while also operating a small self-funded equipment rental service for group members and the general public.

London, England
The Exploding Cinema is a coalition of film/video makers committed to developing new modes of exhibition for underground media -- from do-it-yourself screenings to low/no budget film tours, cable TV and internet broadcasts.

Austin, TX
Austin Cinemakers Coop holds monthly meetings and screenings for their 30-member organization of super-8 and 16mm filmmakers.

Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Low-Fi Video is a project devoted to the advancement of the aesthetics of non-pretentious cinema and the subversion of elitism on film.

Raleigh, NC
Glitter Films accepts short film submissions: P.O. Box 90363, Raleigh NC 27675

Toronto, Canada
Splice This a festival dedicated to the exhibition of small gauge films, showcases a wide range of work from all genres and welcomes first-time filmmakers and seasoned supereighters alike.

More Organizations, Festivals & Websites


Scott Stark's Flicker is an excellent resource for information about whatís going on in todayís experimental cinema world. (Not related to the NC Flicker.)

Pulsating OKAY! is THE resource site about artists who make cinema live by using video cameras, switchers, effects boxes, computers, bodies and/or props. supports the promulgation of alternative art by acting as a curator and producer of independent video, film, and digital media shorts. Host of Independent Exposure - Seattle's monthly microcinema screening program.

The Seattle Composers Alliance is a non-profit professional organization made up of working composers, students, and others interested in professional music composition. They offer a free service on their web-site to connect directors/producers with composers at any budget and skill level.

The Other Cinema is Craig Baldwin's ongoing series of unusual and experimental film screenings in San Francisco.

MadCat Women's International Film Festival is a highly acclaimed international festival that exhibits independent and experimental films & videos directed by women from around the globe. The Festival emphasizes work that is inventive and visionary.

Artistís Television Access (ATA) is San Franciscoís amazing example of what an underground screening / performance venue can be.

The San Francisco Cinematheque is one of the most knowledgeable and respected showcases of experimental film and video in the world.

OffLine is a national arts organization, cable television screening, and distributor of independently produced films and videos that reaches over 10 million viewers in over one-hundred cities.

911 Media Arts Center is Washington State's non-profit media center supporting film, video and multimedia artists with new technology tools, workshops and screenings.

WigglyWorld Studios is Washington State's only non-profit, 501(c)3 filmmaker's collective, dedicated to the continued artistic development of the local independent film community.

Stan Brakhage - Frame Enlargements from his films, courtesy of

Regular 8mm Film


John Schwind is said to sell regular 8mm film in 100ft and 25ft spools. P.O. Box 1233, Dixon CA 95620