Spring 2002 Schedule:

In the Spring of 2002 the Emerald Reels Super-8 Lounge (ERS8) returned to Seattle for a series of monthly monday night screenings at the Sit & Spin, featuring soundtracks and ambience mixed live by Kid Hops, dj for KEXP.org Expansions. Each show offered a totally different line-up that was only presented once.

Featured filmmakers included: Adrienne Stacy, Andy Spletzer, Angelo Zambito, Anne Bradfield, Anne Robertson, Ben Ireland, Ben Russell, Bill Witman, Brian Frye, Bruce Miller, Chris Dogherty, Bruce Reid, Danielle Morgan, Doug Lane, Igor & Geo Peev, Jan-Henry Gray, Jason Gutz, Jason Wade, Joel Bachar, Jon Behrens, Kevin Skytta, Lyle Lordkenega, M. L. Grant, Mark Brunke, Martha Colburn, Michael James McCarty, Nick Shiflet, Rachel Lordkenaga, Reed O'Beirne, Roger Beebe, Sacha Feirstein, Ted Grudowski, Thomas Comerford, Tom Furtwangler, Tom Moore, Tony Gault, Trish Van Huesen, Wil Long, and Will Skolochenko.

Since 1998, ERS8 has been exploring the combination of experimental, animated and creatively-narrative short films complimented with the aural arrangements of a DJ or live band. Though presented at a music club, the event is cinema in a nightclub, not nightclub in a cinema. In the last four years, ERS8 has screened over 250 films to audiences in Seattle, San Francisco, Telluride and Vancouver BC.

"A Groundbreaking Mix of DJs and Films"
- Michael Fox, iFilm.com

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