MadCat Women's International Film Festival

February 6 -11 at The Little Theatre in Seattle
"High-quality experimental shorts by lady-flavored makers." -San Francisco Metropolitan

In four years, The MadCat Women's International Film Festival has evolved into one of the most prestigious touring women's film festivals in the US proudly highlighting cutting-edge, avant garde, experimental & independent films by women directors from around the world.

MadCat redefines what is traditionally thought of as "women's issues" by programming films that break taboos and re-interpret the vocabulary of filmmaking. This traveling version of the San Francisco based festival presents its program in two sections playing at different times over three days. Co-presented by Emerald Reels, the Rendezvous Reading Series, Women In Film and the Northwest Film Forum.

The Little Theater
608 19th Ave. E. (in Capitol Hill)


Indie Girl Showcase
The festival begins Tuesday at the Little Theater with the Rendezvous Reading Series collection of stories, letters, poetry and essays read by local women writers who don't consider themselves to be writers. It's going to rock! Featuring: Jean Smith performing live with Mecca Normal, Nikki McClure of K Record fame, Sarah Polle from Muy Triste and many, many more indie rock women. 8pm, $5 cheap

Program One - Can't Seem to Find the Words
Characters who search for ways to navigate smoothly through their troubled worlds.

Program Two - World Travelers of the Mind
Films that explore the landscapes of our pasts through the retelling of histories. Includes a series of shorts about struggle and perseverance where the subjects fight to remember, to work, and to evolve.

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