ERS8 is not currently accepting submissions. Check back later for more details.

Emerald Reels Super-8 Lounge (ERS8) seeks the best in undependent short cinema for a series of Seattle screenings this spring. ERS8 explores the combination of experimental, animated or creatively-narrative short films complimented by the aural arrangements of a DJ or live band. As such, most of the films that we screen are silent, though we also will show pieces with sound-on-film at times.

The focus is squarely on the films. Though presented at Seattle's Re-bar, the event is cinema in a nightclub, not nightclub in a cinema. In the last four years, ERS8 has screened over 250 films to packed audiences in Seattle, San Francisco, Telluride and Vancouver BC.

Submissions need to have been created using small gauge film. Preference is given to contemporary works, although films may have originated in any year. Typical length is 2 to 5 min per movie, but we'll consider longer films as well. For screenings, works must be compatible with super-8 or 16mm filmographic motion imaging projection devices (i.e. sorry no video/dv). All care and honor is given to original prints. Soundtracks mixed live Kid Hops, dj for KEXP Expansions.

Overview of submission procedure:

  1. Complete our on-line Application Form or email the cut & paste version.
  2. Print the application, if possible, to include with your film.
  3. Ship film or pre-view video to the below address.
    (NOTE: a film print will be required for screenings)
  4. Provide image and synopsis in either digital or physical formats, if available.
  5. Be sure to enclose return postage so we can return your film.
  6. Filmmakers will be notified by email regarding selections.
  7. Look for your film to be returned 6 to 8 weeks after last screening.

Submission Details

There is no submission fee because we're dedicated to supporting low-budget filmmaking. However, you must include return postage so we can return your film. A modest stipend will be paid to all selected filmmakers.

What are we looking for?
We seek experimental or creatively-narrative short films that were created using 8mm, Super-8 or 16mm film. An essential part of ERS8 is that we utilize DJs or live musicians to orchestrate the aural atmosphere of the event. The music is complementary to the films -- meaning the music is presented to accompany the film (not the other way around, as is typical for visuals in most club settings). As such most of the films that we show are silent, though we also will show films with sound-on-film at times.

What's the deal with the DJ/Musician for the films?
There're some very cool things that can happen synchronistically when you synch well-sculpted films with well-sculpted music live in a room together. It really can bring-out a stronger element within both mediums.

Why show films in a nightclub?
Because that's where the people are. Underground/alternative music has been wildly popular for decades with a reach way beyond music aficionados; whereas underground cinema tends to be screened only in college classes or art-cinemas for to specialty audiences. By screening films in a nightclub, we are expanding the audience for alternative cinema -- while having fun at the same time.

Emerald Reels
710 6th Ave. S., #1340
Seattle WA 98104

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