13 Short Films - Compilation Video

At the conclusion of the Spring 1999 ERS8 series, the best films were videoed and compiled together into a one-hour video tape. This compilation is designed to provide exposure for the nine filmmakers included through free videostore rentals and screenings outside of Seattle.

NTSC videos were available. Actual super-8 film prints were also available through the individual filmmakers.

Filmaker Filmtitle Time
Intro Logo / Icecycles 0:28
Reed O'Beirne One-more Fine Life Facsimile 3:56
Ben Ireland In Search of Lemuria 5:54
Lisa McElroy Haunt 7:34
Markus Krieg Axe Murder 1:05
Barbara Ireland The Puzzle 3:55
Reed O'Beirne Little Bit 2:12
Ben Ireland Seance 4:01
Hamish Chapel I Love Lucifer 3:31
Reed O'Beirne A Solstice Filmette 1:11
Jennifer Hillman, et al. Cancer Schmancer 8:50
Roderick Romero Moonbathing 3:53
Tony Gault Tabernacle 10:23
Ben Ireland Coming Soon


  Total Time 58:09

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